Officers of the Shoreham Civic2012-2013
President - Michael Goralski

Vice President - Bryan Lilly

Treasurer - Michael Wing

Recording Secretary - Open

Membership Secretary - Colette Grosso

Members of the Board  
  - Jessica Hiney
 - Rose Marie Princi
 - Chris Savona
 - Edward King
Standing Committees
The Highways, Roadside, and Beachfront Committee
This Committee studies public highway, roadside, and beach conditions and brings before the members all conditions which can be improved, along with recommendations as to what action should be taken.
  The Membership and Publicity Committee
, Chair
This Committee seeks to enlist eligible residents to support the Organization, and to bring before the public the activities of the Organization.  New members are neededto help with the 2009-10 membership drive.  Comments and questions may be sent to Bryan Lilly, SCO President by e-mail.

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