In 2000 the Shoreham Civic Organization requested and received support from Town Supervisor Felix Grucci and the Brookhaven Town Board to carry out a hamlet study -- a report describing the community’s current land use and zoning and how it envisioned its future.  The Shoreham Hamlet Study was initiated in the summer of 2001 with a community-wide survey, followed by many months of meetings, research, and workshops.  The Hamlet study considered key community issues including land use, open space, historic preservation, transportation, recreation needs, environmental resources and institutional services.

The Shoreham Hamlet Study was completed in July, 2002.  It was subsequently updated in 2004 and again in 2005.  The Brookhaven Town Board unanimously accepted and approved all three documents in March, 2005.

Summary of the original report

The Shoreham Hamlet Study, July 2002 (3 MB PDF file)

Map showing the recommendations in relation to the Shoreham community

2004 Updated Hamlet Study (1 MB PDF file)

2005 Update to Hamlet Study (56 K PDF file)

Resolution 8A, March 2005, approval by the Brookhaven Town Board 

The Shoreham Hamlet Study
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