Shoreham Hamlet Study



Shoreham, New York

July, 2002



What is the Shoreham Hamlet Study?

The Shoreham Hamlet Study is a report, prepared by residents, that describes the community as it is today and makes recommendations about land use patterns for the hamlet’s future.

What area does the study cover?

The study covers the area of East Shoreham, the Incorporated Village of Shoreham, Leisure Glen, and the western part of Wading River in the Town of Brookhaven.

What is the purpose of the study?

The study was conducted in order to give residents a voice in the Town of Brookhaven’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan, which is being revised for the first time since 1996.

How were the recommendations decided?

A community survey was conducted in June, 2001.  The results were analyzed by Dr. Lee Koppelman, Executive Director of the Long Island Regional Planning Board.  The recommendations were formulated by a committee of community members, based on the survey results as well as existing zoning, land use plans in neighboring communities, and constraints such as the Pine Barrens Act.

What happens next?

The Hamlet Study was formally presented to the Town Board on July 11, 2002.   The Town will decide which recommendations to include in the revised Comprehensive Land Use Plan.  Civics and other community organizations will also work with County and State government agencies to achieve our goals.

Survey Results - Key Issues

·         Loss of open space

·         Overdevelopment

·         Property taxes

·         Traffic flow and safety

·         Lack of recreational facilities


·         Convert the Rte. 25A corridor in central Shoreham into Shoreham’s Main Street.

·         Open Miller Ave. as a boulevard south from Route 25A to Cooper Street.

·         Create a Shoreham Sound Nature Preserve along the beaches and bluffs west of LIPA.

·         Require below-surface soil sampling in areas of known long-term contamination.

·         Create parks and athletic fields on Town land and in new developments.

·         Add an elementary school south of Rte. 25A.

·         Establish a Brookhaven Energy Technology Park for research and development in alternative energy sources.

·         Save the Woodhull house, the Tesla lab, and the LIRR bridge as historic sites.

The Vision for Shoreham’s Future

·         Integrating the community’s needs and wishes with the Town’s plans and existing land use and zoning through the establishment of planned multiple-use districts.

·         Planning for the future with research in innovative energy technology, educational and recreational opportunities for children, and community-friendly Smart Growth.

·         Conserving our past by acquiring and preserving unique historical properties.

·         Ensuring a safe, clean environment.


The Shoreham Hamlet Study is available at the North Shore Public Library and The Riverhead Public Library