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Current Issues

Helicopter noise - A hot line has been established to field complaints from residents who feel they are still being impacted by low-flying helicopters.  If you want to register a complaint, call 1-800-319-7410

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Rails to Trails

Shoreham Beach - With the enforcement of the Town Code for Shoreham Beach over the past few months, serious issues have arisen, particularly concerning the fishing rights long enjoyed by many of our local residents.  Enforcement of existing codes and enhanced security measures by the Town has made Shoreham Beach a safer and somewhat cleaner recreational area.  By Town Code, the Shoreham Beach has always been designated a ‘swimming only’ beach.  The restriction from fishing access to the shoreline via the Town Beach has, however, angered many who have long enjoyed the privilege.  The SCO believes an amicable accommodation for both swimming and fishing can be reached.  A draft of the “Proposed Resolution Regarding the Town Beach at Shoreham” is provided for membership consideration, review and comment.  Board members Carol Kramer and Jim Heil have worked with the interested parties to develop this draft.
Environmental Links
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Brookhaven Town Environmental Protection Division
Suffolk County Council on Environmental Quality
Suffolk County Water Authority
Tall Grass Golf Course Redevelopment public hearing on Monday, January 25, 2016 at 4:00 PM, Town of Brookhaven Main Office.