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Dues for each member are $30.00 per household per year, payable in the month of October.   Members who have not attended a minimum of three meetings in the prior twelve months are not eligible to vote on amendments to the Constitution or by laws or for officers or for Board of Directors of the Organization. 
This Organization is non-partisan and non-sectarian in its activities, and does not take part in, or lend its influence to the election or appointment of any candidate for national, state, county, town, local or school office.
Regular meetings of the Organization are held on the third Wednesday of every month. The Annual Meeting is held the third Wednesday of June.
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We invite all residents and property owners, 18 years and older, within zip code 11786 and Leisure Glen to join the Shoreham Civic Organization. To join, please fill out the application form and forward it to P.O. Box 944, Shoreham. Here is some additional information regarding the Shoreham Civic that you may be interested in.  More complete information can be obtained from our Constitution and By-laws.
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The Shoreham Civic Organization is a member of the Affiliated Brookhaven Civic Organizations (ABCO).